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Community Requests

Pillars of Community Investment

When it comes to our community initiatives, we want to make sure our efforts are expended in the most efficient way possible.

To focus our efforts, we have defined five core focus areas of community development:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Arts, Sports & Culture
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Family & Community Togetherness
  • Education & Enrichment

We evaluate all requests for donations and sponsorship according to our 5 Pillars and are committed to supporting a diverse variety of charities and non-profit organizations that share in one or more of core focus areas.

CrossIron Mills Community Space

Want to use CrossIron Mills as the launching off place for your community initiative? We welcome local non-profit organizations and community groups to apply for space in the centre for fundraising and awareness purposes.

To apply for community space, please fill out the form at least 30 days prior to your requested date. For more information, please e-mail [email protected] 

  • Organization Name:
  • Charitable Registration #:
  • Address
  • Contact Name & Title:
  • Phone:
  • E-mail:
  • Description of organization and event you wish to host at CrossIron Mills:
  • Description of display materials:
  • How does this program/project positively impact or support the community:

* Please note: Community space requests will not be approved during the holiday season (November 1st - December 31st).

In-Kind Donations & Sponsorships

CrossIron Mills is proud to be able to offer sponsorships and in-kind donations such as promotional items and gift cards to support various community events & causes. To submit a request for a donation, please complete the forum below.

All donation requests must be submited at least 30 DAYS PRIOR to your fundraiser/event date.

Community Requests

The field Organization is required.
The field Registered Charity / Non-Profit Number is required.
The field Does your organization service the city of City or City region as a whole? is required.
The field Does your organization service a broad sector of the population. Examples include: local school boards (as opposed to specific schools), hospitals, the United Way, The Salvation Army, Kidsability, the Food Bank of City Region etc is required.
The field First Name is required.
The field Last Name is required.
The field Email is required.
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