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Best time for jogging

As an avid – some say “obsessive” – lover of running, I keep my mantra simple: tie up the shoes and get out the door, but lately I’ve been reading about the benefits of running at different parts of the day. Could an early morning run trump a mid-afternoon jog? Turns out, it depends on what you’re looking for.

Morning: Best for an early boost

  • Running at sunrise isn’t just for that perfect Instagram opp; getting your mileage done in the morning means you’re generally more motivated for the rest of your day. Take that, back-to-back meetings.

  • Endorphins: Life’s sweetest energy burst. Say bye-bye to sugar.

  • You burn more calories on an empty stomach so wait for breakfast until afterwards. Your body will thank you.

Afternoon: Best for endurance

  • Simply put, it’s way warmer out (and that’s a very good thing). Your body won’t take as long to warm up and get going, either.

  • Your energy stores are high because you’ve likely eaten your “fuel” (breakfast or lunch). Just make sure you have a nice carbohydrate-protein mix.

  • Getting it over with mid-day means you are less likely to skip it after a long day. Netflix + your couch = you.

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Evening: Best for rest and relaxation

  • That post-run glow guarantees a fitful sleep. Nothing is more satisfying that jumping into bed; muscles tired and ready to relax.

  • Your next morning is already off to a great start: you will wake up rested and with a sense of accomplishment. Time to tackle the day (and maybe another run)!

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