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The ABC’s of smart shopping

There are lots of perfectly legitimate reasons to go shopping (not that we really need one): the new collections, the urge to add some zing to your wardrobe, a wedding, a first date... To make the most of your time and disposable cash, follow these expert tips to ensure you don’t drop from shopping!

Do an inventory of your closet

Before heading out, do a careful inventory of your closet, including accessories. Are some of your favorites starting to look frayed or are other items hiding in your closet with the price tags still attached? If so, it’s likely time to retire them. To get the biggest bang for your buck when you go to replace these articles, make a list of the items you wear week after week. In particular, take note of the shapes of clothing your wear often. If you buy items like these, you’ll most likely get the most from them.

Plan ahead for the fitting room

To save time spent in fitting rooms, put on clothes that are easy to remove: a simple camisole, leggings and flats… In other words, wear items with the fewest zippers, buttons and laces as possible.

* Inventory and price subject to change

Before you set out

You want to be as comfortable as possible, so swap out your purse for a backpack that will help you carry important shopping spree must-haves. And throw in a flesh-tone strapless bra (for trying on sleeveless garments) — which will be invisible under pale garments— nylon try on socks for shoe shopping, high heels to see how a dress falls … And a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

* Inventory and price subject to change

Sort through your gift certificates

Now’s the time to dig out all those gift certificates that have piled up and exchange them for special items you can’t resist… And check out current promotions on the Website of your favorite shipping destination.

Invite a trusted friend

Take along a trusted friend to help you decide whether a garment really suits you or not. Purchase only items that fit you perfectly now, not when (or if) you finally lose those 10 pounds. You’re perfect just as you are!

* Inventory and price subject to change

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